Customer Testimonials

"We grow potatoes and brassica vegetables around Angus and work 15 miles in any direction from our base. We make beds and ridge up without markers, secure in the knowledge that we can trust our autosteer system. We run a Trimble FmX on RTK and the correction signal is delivered over a modem from EssentialsNet. This is not something I spend time thinking about. I turn it on and it works.”

 Gillon McDonald, Crofts Farm, Angus


"I first looked at RTK in order to increase the efficiency of our drilling operations. Our estate needs timely management and the sowing must be done at the right time. As a result it is vital that it is done at maximum efficiency. When the conditions are right, we drill 14-15 hour days and reducing operator workload is very welcome indeed. Financially, there are consistent savings in all inputs. We chose SoilEssentials' EssentialsNet product as they offered good value for money and an excellent level of support. So far I would have to give the support 10 out of 10."

  Duncan Blyth, Auchmacoy Estate, Ellon 


"We started working with the MojoRTK on Smartnet which we got on well with and were very pleased with the results. However when we changed on to the EssentialsNet system we saw a big improvement on signal reliability. We now have an aerial of 6 inches high mounted on the office roof only 15 foot off floor level, so is of no nuisance to the eye, or practically. This transmits accurate signal 25km from the office to where we contract in a valley among the Lincolnshire wolds. When we go out of range of the office by pressing a few buttons we find another aerial within range and continue on RTK accuracy. Terrain has no bearing on signal quality so we find we can offer our contract clients the benefit of RTK accuracy in the work we do for them.

We have had no maintenance issues with aerials and as the system plugs into the office internet the only extra cost has been the £5 for a fixed IP address. I can see no other system offering the same reliability and accuracy at this level of cost. 

The remote access has also been a big help in setting up machines on different tractors and SoilEssentials have worked with us closely to get the best settings for each individual vehicle. We tend to keep one unit on the cultivations tractor and then transfer the other from the combine to the drill tractor once drilling starts. This has meant that we get extra efficiency from the combine by ensuring every breed is a full 35ft and then the tramlines are exact for the rest of the year after the drill has put them in the right place with minimal overlap.

I am very pleased with the system and the support we have received from SoilEssentials, there is always someone at the end of a phone more than capable of fixing any issues that we have had."  

 Jim Beeden, Farms Manager, Flagleaf Farms, Lincolnshire


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