EssentialsNet covers a large part of the UK. If you are not currently covered we are happy to install a base to ensure you can receive an EssentialsNet RTK stream. Each base station covers a total area of approximately 2000 square km.

The map opposite shows the positions of the active base stations and their coverage. Zoom in to see if you are covered! If you are not currently within range of any of our bases, please request coverage HERE


In practice the best accuracy is achieved when the range to the base is kept to a minimum. Acceptable accuracy is achieved under 25km however, many people use EssentialsNet at over 35km, depending on their accuracy and repeatability needs.

As you get further away from the base station, accuracy degrades and, although you can connect to a base from the other side of the country, you would not get an RTK fix due to the lack of visible common satellites between your GPS receiver and the base station.

Not currently covered?

If your area is not covered by a base station but you are interested in connecting to EssentialsNet, please get in contact.