EssentialsNet is a GPS corrections service which supplies RTK corrections to GPS receivers on vehicles throughout the UK over the internet, using a network of local base stations.

There are a number base stations installed across the UK streaming information back to a central server. The customer’s vehicle can connect to the server via the internet, using a mobile phone SIM card, and request a stream of information from any one of the connected base stations.

“The signal is delivered over a modem from EssentialsNet. This is not something I spend time thinking about – I switch it on, and it works. Simple.”


  • Increased reliability
  • RTK accuracy 2-3cm
  • Repeatability
  • Minimal set-up costs
  • Excellent Support
  • Competitive annual fee with sliding scale for multiple users

1) The main advantage of EssentialsNet is the reliability of the signal. Unlike a radio signal, EssentialsNet works over the internet therefore it is not affected by the topography of the land, such as shadowing from hills or trees.

2) The set-up costs are relatively low and the system can be easily upgraded.

3) The use of the internet means that EssentialsNet can provide more support to the customers; for example, we can see where your tractor is in the field and provide remote management of the vehicle if necessary.

4) The quality of the base stations can also be monitored which increases the accuracy and reliability of EssentialsNet.

5) The costs involved with running EssentialsNet are also lower than using a traditional base station set-up because everything can be done online, allowing us to pass on these savings to our customers.