Do you want to save money and improve performance on your network RTK?

If you are already using mobile RTK, not satisfied and paying too much – maybe it’s time to switch to EssentialsNet – the largest privately owned RTK correction service in the UK. 

What is EssentialsNet?

EssentialsNet is a GPS correction service which supplies RTK corrections to most brand RTK receivers throughout the UK over the internet and mobile phone. This works using our network of base stations which covers a large part of the UK. Customers can connect to any of our base stations, via the internet and the data channel of a mobile phone, and request an RTK correction stream from the server.


EssentialsNET has many advantages over traditional RTK corrections:

  • No need to install your own base station
  • Increased reliability of signal
  • Increased range from base station
  • Receive corrections over most of the UK
  • Lower licence costs due to lower support costs
  • Each receiver is connected to the internet
  • Remote support
  • Online management of licenses and users

Private RTK Correction Service

For companies that want to offer their "own brand" RTK correction service a small network can be constructed for their exclusive use.  EssentialsNET will mantain the network, train staff and users and supply licences and hardware needed.

For more information contact us by email or call 0844 7366242.